Mission, Vision, Values

York Artistic Swimming Club is committed to developing, promoting and supporting the pursuit of excellence, in artistic swimming at all levels.
York Artistic Swimming Club’s focus on continuous improvement and positivity while having fun will create and inspire success. This vision will support a steadfast commitment and longevity within York Artistic Swimming Club.
HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Artistic swimming instills a love of physical activity that contributes to the health and happiness of all who participate.
LIFE SKILLS: Goal-setting, disciple, perseverance, and lessons about competing with integrity, winning fairly, and losing gracefully are skills that are valuable in all aspects of life.
BUILDING CAPACITY: Pursuing learning and reaching goals in the company of others creates a sense of community and a willingness to give back to one's larger community.
CREATIVITY/INNOVATION: The collaborating process between coach and athlete, instructor and swimmer, water and movement is integral to innovative physical and aesthetic self-expression.
EXCELLENCE: Excellence is being the best swimmer, competitor, coach, official, administrator, or leader you can be.

ETHICS/RESPECT: We welcome and encourage diversity and respect for all aspects and perspectives and demand responsible, ethical and accountable behavior from all.