Why Enroll


Artistic swimming offers an ideal environment for young girls to learn and grow. It’s a multi-faceted activity and allows participants to develop a variety of physical skills, while also benefiting from many physiological and social aspects of the sport. While the focus of artistic swimming is on the team component through which athletes learn how to be exemplary team-players, the athletes also train and compete individually (compulsory figures, solo), or as a pair (duet), and develop the ability to self-motivate, engage in healthy self-talk and learn independence.


Artistic swimming provides young girls with fantastic female role models. Your daughter will be coached and mentored by capable, strong and intelligent women, and have successful, hard-working female athletes to look up to. Artistic swimming helps girls develop a strong sense of self-confidence - the kind of confidence that will lead them to success and to the belief that they can succeed at anything if they work hard enough at it.


Artistic swimming  empowers your child and teaches her about self-esteem, self-disciple, healthy body image, team-work, and time-management. Your child will learn how to set goals and push herself to excel.


While your child will be asked to challenge herself, artistic swimming will not risk her health and safety. It is a sport with a low risk of severe injury.


Most of all, artistic swimming can be lots of fun and having fun is the key to your child pursuing an active and healthy lifestyle and then maintaining that lifestyle throughout her adult life.